Get Involved: Propose a Topic

Why you should propose a topic

The great thing about MarketingCamp is that participants set the agenda. That means you, the participant, set the program to cover the topics of greatest interest.

But, like Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility. The program is your responsibility! Registered participants will vote on those topics that have been proposed:

  • For the morning sessions, you’ll be able to vote on our UserVoice site through 22 March. Top vote-getting topics will win a Camp session the morning of 30 March.
  • For the afternoon sessions, you’ll be able to vote at the Hult International Business School campus on the day of the event.

You’ll get 20 Votes…up to you whether to pile them high on a favorite topic, or spread them around to 20 topics you find interesting.

Still time to propose a topic…

Voting can’t take place in a vacuum! Participants also have the responsibility to offer up their expertise, skills and insights, their raving successes and their unmitigated failures, even their step-by-step “How-to’s.”

Now, don’t go all shy on us. No matter your level of experience, if you are ready to share, others will be ready to learn and we can all grow from the exchange. But, if speaking’s not your bag, don’t worry. There will be plenty of experts to learn from.

All registered participants can propose topics (thru 18 March) that they feel competent to present-topics for which they would like to lead discussions—marketing areas to which they feel they can contribute to make the day worthwhile. Proposing a topic gives all of us a chance to see what it is that interests you, what you're passionate about. So…consider what you can share, and propose a topic on our MarketingCamp UserVoice site!